le plus grand prématuré du monde né aprés 21 semaines et 6 jours

 le plus grand prématuré du monde né aprés 21 semaines et 6 jours

Amillia Taylor, le plus grand prématuré du monde pourrais enfin rentrer à la maison
Selon le porte parole de l’hopital de Miami, cet enfant né aprés 21 semaines et 6 jours de gestation, n’aura plus que quelques jours d’observations avant de pouvoir retrouver ses parents. Cela fait quatre mois que « Princess Miracle », c’est comme ça qu’on l’appelle, est aux soins intensifs. « Survival of babies that is less than 22 weeks of gestation is close to zero, if not zero, » said Dr. Phuket Tantavit, who specializes in neonatology. The medical standard is not even to resuscitate a 22-week baby, so when Sonja Taylor knew she was going into labor in October after just 19 weeks, she lied about the baby’s term. Doctors worked to delay the birth, but nine days later, they had no choice but to perform an emergency C-section, thinking they were delivering a 23-week baby. « I was prepared for the worst and prepared to break the bad news to the mother, » said Dr. Guillermo Lievano, who delivered Amillia. Weighing only 10 ounces, Tantavit inserted a breathing tube in Amillia. She responded surprisingly well, at which time Tantavit thought Amillia, slightly bigger than a pen, was something special. Pediatric surgeon Dr. Holly Neville was immediately called upon to repair Amillia’s left ear and much of her scalp, which was torn during delivery and left dangling. « She was literally just a coke can under sterile drapes, » Neville said. Normally, the skin of a baby that age wouldn’t accept stitches or handling, but somehow Amillia’s skin was mature beyond her age. « I had never seen such a small baby, » Neville said. It was months later when doctors verified Amillia’s true age through her parent’s fertility specialist and discovered the perfectly healthy baby was born at exactly 21 weeks and six days — a world record. « When you look at such a small miracle, you almost have to believe there’s something else — there’s a higher power — that allows us to do what we do, » Lievano said. Amillia is being released from Baptist Children’s Hospital on Tuesday. « I wanted her to have a chance and I knew in my heart that she was going to make it, » Sonja Taylor said.

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